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Southern Orientation and Natural Cross Ventilation: Mind the Gap(s).

Keywords: Southern Orientation;Natural Cross Ventilation;Value;Appraisals;Design Parameters;stated preference

Sun, Air and Water are the most powerful sources of life on earth. Southern Orientation (SO) and Natural Cross Ventilation (NCV) are the best expressions of our relationship to those eternal forces. SO and NCV are behind any successful Passive Solar Design. Health, comfort, air quality, natural lighting, residential satisfaction, good micro-climatic conditions, green spaces, vegetation, energy-saving, and psychological well-being rely on these two archetypal determinants. Architectural practice is constantly accentuating the fact that our homes and cities need solar access and ventilation. Research in the Health and environmental sector reveals an urgent need for SO and NCV. Research from the real estate field is segmented and not conclusive on these values. People are buying apartments overlooking the importance of SO and NCV. Developers are building in a bulk manner, unaware of any benefits. Realtors are underestimating these qualities. Most importantly, valuers estimate all other factors, except these two. There is confusion on what has a real value for our life and to what extend this can be measured and quantified. Survey-based economic techniques will have to be employed for the valuation of SO and NCV as for now, according to research, they do not seem to have a market value (or price). We might have to rely more on “stated preference” models, in contrast to a price-based “revealed preference” model. The contribution of this work is intended to be the trigger to all, for attention on SO and NCV as archetypal determinants of value.

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