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The second edition of Neapolis Property Price Index has been released!

Apartment prices have exhibited a consistent upward trajectory across all districts, with positive trends persisting for successive periods. Specifically, apartment prices have experienced continuous growth for 32 uninterrupted quarters in Limassol and Larnaca, 29 quarters in Nicosia, 23 quarters in Famagusta, and 7 quarters in Pafos. In contrast, prices of houses have been steadily declining, with negative trends observed in almost all districts. House prices have been falling for 8 consecutive quarters in Nicosia, 5 quarters in Limassol, 4 quarters in Famagusta and 3 quarters in Paphos, except for Larnaca a positive sign was observed. Indices point to increased demand for apartments, while the persistent fall in house prices may indicate reduced purchasing power for larger dwellings among local buyers and despite increased foreign interest, as suggested by DLS statistics.