Property Valuation

We provide commercial, residential and rural property valuations to banks and building societies, property companies, developers, investors and fund managers.

AXIA has completed over 10,000 property valuations since the company was established.

Amongst others, our portfolio includes more than 30 hotel valuations, private hospital valuations, shopping malls, big retailers and public listed companies (for IFRS purposes).

Additionally we successfully advise many prominent law firms as expert witnesses in court proceedings.

Property Consultancy & Investment

Many of our clients seek our advice to maximise their returns through property investments and to establish themselves in the property market.

AXIA specialises in financial modelling and DCF techniques to offer in-depth analytical and realistic investment scenarios.

We also apply development scenario and sensitivity analysis in order to establish the best opportunity.

Development Appraisals

The economics of real estate are based significantly on property supply.

Therefore, a proper development appraisal is more than necessary.

AXIA can advise the Highest and Best Use for a potential development and provide realistic and obtainable NPV and IRR.

Market Research

Our team assists property developers, landlords, investors, the public sector, commercial and retail occupiers, with economics impact assessment, market analysis and feasibility studies.

We prepare robust and detailed analytical insights which are used to inform investment decisions and identify a property’s or a project’s likely economic, social and developmental impacts and benefits.

We carry out this process with our in-house developed GIS based software.

Real Estate Analytics (Machine Learning And AI tools)

AXIA prides itself on excelling in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques for mass appraisals.

We conduct research that advances the state-of-the-art algorithms in the field.

Our research has been published in several international accredited journals and has been presented at scientific conferences worldwide.

Due Diligence and Initial Planning Investigation

We conduct investigations at the Department of Land and Surveys, the Planning Authority and other governmental organisations for all property related issues.